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    Call of Duty map pack

    The map pack and patch 1.4 were released today for cod5: The new maps are awesome. Unfortunately its probably too little too late as the game seems to be dying somewhat. Its a shame as the gameplay is great, the new maps (and old) are great, and it seems like a lot of the bugs have been worked out (I had a lot with the release and with 1,1 but they are fixed now). Check it out for sure if you have cod5. Might be worth reinstalling and checking out the game after you've patched if you had problems or bad experiences before.


    repeat topic. my bad
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    sweet thanks.
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    bump for a good game. I like it and think it deserves more players, but have to admit that I dropped it 3 months ago for L4D. Zombie slaying is just so addictive.
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    I was really excited about the new zombie map, however, after playing it and developing strategies in 4-man coops, its rather easy to get lvl 30+ at which point the game begins to glitch out.

    The revive soda tune is godlike though.

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