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    Major Problems !!

    ok heres the deal....about a week ago someone (my sister) started turning my comp off the wrong way ...a la holding the power button i am getting cmos errors and it wont overclock for when playing a game or stress testing after about 20 mins it emits this long high pitched beep then BSODs ive reset cmos several times even took the battery out.. now it used to when i would reset or w/e it bios would go to stock cpu settings 2.4ghz at 1.25v now it defaults to 2.4ghz but the lowest voltage setting available my cpu wont start on 1v hell it ont run on anything lower board has a cmos backup function but everytime i try an use it i get the cmos at a total loss .......its a bios problem or cmos....... oh an when i run p95 at "stock" settings i get sumout errors i dunno what to do help me here plz

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    uhh yeah I'm afraid that its RMA time man or warranty time if you still have it. What it sounds like is that something is wrong with the board in itself. Don't know if anyone sees something I don't.
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    When you clear the CMOS is the time and date changing, if not then clear the cmos for a longer period of time, if the time and date are reverting after cleared then follow below steps

    I would try flashing the bios before RMA,

    1. go here and download bios + utility (this should be the correct mobo according to your sig but make sure it is)
    2. go into bios and load optimized defaults, save and exit.
    3. install utility and use to flash the downloaded bios, make sure to check clear cmos in utility
    edit: looks like your bios has a flash utility built in, if it does then use it, better to flash outside windows
    4. go back into bios and again load optimized defaults, save and exit
    5. reset bios using jumper, remove battery
    6. ensure time and date have changed in bios, if not then reset bios again for a longer period of time (some mobos are notorious for taking 5min to clear cmos).

    If that doesn't do it then it looks like RMA time
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    Sounds to me like your PSU is crapping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DragoXT View Post
    Sounds to me like your PSU is crapping.
    It could be that go into bios and watch your power readings there may be variance depending on the PSU. If nothing looks out of whack and if you have a PS tester open your box and and use it. There is a lot more that can be done but you need a good meter to do much more.
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    I +1 for the flashing THEN Rma.
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    will reflash b4 i RMA will follow steps an see what happens thanks for the input

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    is anything overheating perhaps
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    not that i can tell...........using speedfan and hardware monitor.....

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    I dont want to be harsh but you really need to learn how to type. I know you're probably a young teen but this community isnt a high school play ground. This would help you to be ahead in many ways.

    As for your problem, i dont see how turning off the computer like that would lead to such issues. IMO, i think your bios is taking a crap. Have you try to reflash it back to original one? Overclocking can lead to strange things. One day the damn thing just dont want to do it anymore no matter what.

    Btw, check your PSU under load if you can. Its usually an issue.
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