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    I still have a wd, 26400 at 6 gigs, yes I still have the windows 3.1 machine I keep it around for when the 4 gig that's in it dies.
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    This thread brings back lots of memories. I also remember when my Dad's friend spent hundreds to get a 1GB hdd. I was amazed that they existed, I could just imagine all of the games you could fit on that...
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    my first PC had 131MB HDD ( Maxtor ) but I think I had somewhere ~40MB IBM HDD

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    Back to my original search. I'm looking for miniature HDDs that have died. I need them for a project. I have many 3.5", but they are too large. SSDs won't work. Any leads to PC surplus shops that may have some will be appreciated.

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    1st HDD I ever had was in my Commodore Amiga 500 and had 20mb. When I switched to a 386 66mhz(?) it had a 40mb HDD (DOS 6.22)in which I had to use DoubleSpace to be able to install DOOM II)
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    Has someone mentioned the DEC RK05? "It stored approximately 2.5 MB on a 14", single-platter IBM-2315-style front-loading removable disk cartridge."

    Not a PC drive and not "Winchester" technology either. It was a removable platter. I used them 'back in the day.'
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    MY first PC had a...

    Wait what is the data capacity of a 60 minute audio cassette? Bear in mind the system had only a 4K RAM so I guess less than that?

    Ahh... thanks to wiki..

    Quote Originally Posted by wikipedia
    TRS-80s with Level I BASIC read and wrote tapes at 250 bits per second (31.25 bytes per second)
    So theoretically 112KB
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    Quote Originally Posted by Endgame124 View Post
    I can't really remember the system specs on my old 8086, but that was a hand me down to play games on when I was 5.

    The first PC I really remember building with my dad was a 486 SX 33, and I think I had somewhere around 500MB storage on that?

    Lets see, I remember having a 1.7GB Seagate that I had on my Pentium 133. The smallest drives I still own are 4 4.3GB Fujitsu 7200 RPM Ultra Wide SCSI disks that I picked up with my Dual Processor PII 400. Ran them in Raid 0 with my Adaptec 2940. Man, those were smoking fast drives. I'm still using those drives (in Raid 10 now) for an old SQL Server DB.
    Fast but loud. I got rid of mine back in 05?

    EDIT" Ooops Sorry I thought I read seagate
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    10 types of people understand binary.
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    Funny thing is all these years ago one would look at an 8MB drive and be like

    There ain't no way anyone can use 8MB.
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    I had to support an old server machine at my first IBM PS/2 386 type 8580-071 with twin 44 mb seagate (MFM? RLL?) ST-506 drives. When it was retired in 1997, I bought it and brought it home. I ended up giving it to a friend of mine just so he could log onto BBS systems. Ah, the good old days...
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