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    Problem with antec 900

    im having an issue with a antec 900 that a buddy picked up, the power button to turn the pc ON works, but it wont turn it off, even when held in....... any ideas on whats going on here?

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    You havnt changed the power button options in BIOS or in the control panel? That would be where I'd check first.
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    no we didnt change anything, and i asumed that since we didnt change anything it wouldnt have changed itself, but still worth looking into thanks for the idea

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    are you sure you have the LED in the right spot on the mobo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vengance_01 View Post
    are you sure you have the LED in the right spot on the mobo.
    +1. The first place I would look is at the power panel Header on the Mobo.
    Make sure every plug is in it's proper place and that all the +ve's and -ve's are in their proper positions. It's very easy to screw this up if you're not careful.
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