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    ATI 4890 Benchmarks? What should I expect?

    Hey, waiting for my new rig (Saturday, 5 more days)...

    I managed to get a XFX 4890 XT in there, it was cheaper than the 4870 because it was on a special. Im wondering how does it stack up to say the Nvidia GTX275? or GTX 260 c216, or dare I say the Nvidia GTX280.

    Coulden't really find much benchmarks on it.
    And if anyone has one, whats its idle temp like?...
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    thats 2 4890's though...
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    Overall, it performs the same as a GTX275 (mix and match, some games this card wins, others the GTX275 wins). The overclock can be very high, which boosts it alot in games.
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