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Thread: 3.5mm splitter?

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    3.5mm splitter?

    This may sound like somewhat of a stupid question, but I just wanted to check before I bought this part. My current situation is, I have my desktop pc and my mac mini both sitting at the same desk. The mini has speakers built in, but they suck and you can barely hear them. I would like to be able to plug them into the other speakers I have as well. I had several options.

    #1. Buy a better set of speakers. Does anyone know of a good set of speakers, 2.1 would be fine, that have multiple inputs, for a decent price?

    #2. Buy a sound card for my desktop that has optical inputs. I currently just use the onboard audio from my mobo. I considered just sticking in a cheap sound card that has optical inputs and just hook the mini up that way, and let audio be pushed to the speakers from the desktop. That does however pose the problem of, if the desktop is off, I get no sound.

    #3. Try this. These are typically used as headphone splitters, but I was thinking maybe I could just plug the male end into my sub (where all the cables go..) and then plug in a 3.5mm input to the female ends. Basically instead of using it as a splitter, its joining two signals. Will it function that way? Will it cause any kind of feedback or anything like that? This would be my preferred method if it doesn't cause any problems. It's the cheapest and easiest.

    Any suggestions?

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    what speakers you got ?

    What audio outputs has the mac and Pc got ?

    1. is a good choice
    2. is an expensive choice, may be pointless depending on speakers
    3. im not so sure about.

    You got a budget ?

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