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    Question unable to access AGP texture


    I have a system setup comprising of an MSI K7T266Pro DDR mainboard, 3D Prophet III Titanium-200 Hercules 64Mb video card 512Mb PC2100 DDR RAM, running windows 2000 professional (no service pack yet) and DirectX 8.1, I have the latest drivers for the graphics card and motherboard but the directx diagnostic tool says AGP Texture acceleration is not available on my system. I have the hardware acceleration setting on full in the advanced display settings. I have checked the BIOS and as far as I know that is all setup as it should be for AGP acceleration.

    I have another system with the same graphics card running the same O/S version, same drivers, same directx, 256Mb PC2100 DDR RAM with a Soltek SL-75DRV2 mainboard which works fine.

    This leads me to suspect the MSI mainboard either does not correctly support AGP acceleration (although all documentation I have seen states it does) or I do not have my bios set up correctly.

    Can anyone out there *PLEASE* help me with some ideas as to how I can get this working. I have tried the microsoft website but its near impossible to find anything there.

    Assiatance would be greatly appreciated.


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    I think it is a incompatibility between your motherboardīs chipset and Prophet. I suggest you to look at for the lastest chipset 4-1 packs( look for KT266 (without A)).

    Also try downloading Powerstrip and turning the acceleration there.

    Good luck!

    You have set everything to ok in the videocard properties, havenīt you?
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    cant you try installing the service pack. that solves so many problems, maybe yours too.
    also, you told about agp acc bios settings, is there anyone anyway? what settings do u mean? youre right, it can be some bios setting, cant you reply with the ones you get?
    but i also think that you should try installing your mobos chipset drivers because there is one driver called GART that will work just with the AGP texturing. they would also explain the fact of working with one system and not working with the other.

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    Thanks guys, I thought i had the latest drivers but I must have been mistaken, just downloaded again and installed and its working perfectly, increased my 3dmark2001 score from 4600 to 5600 aswell...not great but thats good enough for me.

    Appreciate it.

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