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    atikmdag.sys crashing

    i started to play crysis for the first time in ages, and i keep having regular crashing with this error (blue screens on latest drivers, crashed to desktop on cat 9.2)

    the error from the blue screen is the atikmdag.sys, but running crysis is the only way i can replicate that error. withdetails maxed out, with no AA, the game will crash in minutes. but with details down to high the game can happily chug along on my rig until it crashes between 5 to half an hour later. i've set my fan speeds to 100%.

    oddly enough, i'm also having a problem in the game (which is perfectly legit, too), where in the "recovery" missions, something is supposed to happen after i blow up the two tanks at the school. but it just says "mission complete". i think that might be tied in with the crashing, but i haven't tried it yet.

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    Generally these type of crashes can be attributed to video card failure, more than driver failure.

    An unstable overclock would be the main culprit. Of if it's related to time, heat building up can also be a culprit.

    I used to get blue screens on my video card when my RAM was oc'd improperly.. not even related to the video cards but definitely caused the trouble because of being worked from the game.
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