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    Vampires Live (iPod Touch/iPhone)

    Anybody else here playing? We should should string together a massive clan of OC Forums users >=)

    If you don't have it:
    Vampires Live

    It is free, and is actually kinda fun

    btw, my clan code is 3VQ7J5 so after you get it (or if you already have it) go under the recruit tab and invite me in , and post your clan codes here
    Intel i7 4790K @ 4.5Ghz
    XSPC Raystorm
    Zotac GTX 980Ti @ 1550/1875
    EK Fullcover Waterblock
    ASUS Maximus VII Formula Mobo
    XSPC AX360 Radiator
    16GB DDR3 1600
    XSPC AX240 Radiator
    Corsair hx1000w
    MCP655 w/ XSPC Top

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    Clan code 5J5DCN

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    vampires live codes

    Guys, dont forget to add my vampires live codes - 6BQPQV

    And if you need some more to grow your clan, visit here -
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