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    New system, need suggestions.

    Okay, need to setup liquid cooling in my new system. Everything is in a Cooler Master HAF 932 Full Tower. For now all i want to do is liquid cool the CPU. Using an X58 classified with intel I7.

    Will evntually cool GPU, northbridge, etc.

    Any suggestions on a setup?


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    if your just making a start but plan to build upon then my sacred list is :-

    D5 vario (any)
    swiftech triple rad (not silly money but effective)
    some mid price tubing (some may disscolour and leach but its thicker walled and helps I find with bend radius)
    and theres plenty of sensible blocks to choose from really.

    I`ll go refresh my memory on your case (never really plan on fitting anything in my case assuming the machine in question has a case)

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    The HAF 932 should take a swifttech (MCR320) triple at the top with zero modifications. You can also fit a double or triple in front of the hdd's, depending on how long your graphics card(s) are.

    If you are going for a D5 vario, you might want to use the Typhoon III bay res. It allows 2 parallel loops later on, but even if you don't want to use that option, its a decently performing pump top, with the convenience of a bay mount.

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    The current SOTA CPU block is the Heatkiller 3.0. It's only drawback is that its mounting hardware can be difficult compared to something like the GTZ. I don't do case modding but I can say that planning ahead in terms of surface area (radiator(s)) is the prudent choice. Get a lot more than what you think you need. Having a lot of surface area is the gift that keeps on giving!
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