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    If it says x16/x8/x8 for pcie, can it be x8/x16/x8, cover pci slot instead pcie

    Basically I'm new to building computers and don't really want a pci slot which is in the middle of the evga le board on newegg. I'd rather cover it than the pcie 1x slot so can it be set up that way in a x8/x16/x8 instead of x16/x8/x8?

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    This motherboard has 16x/8x/4x I think. But this should not be a problem. I am going to buy this motherboard soon and from what I read on other websites is that you don't lose much GPU computing power. (I will be using 2x 285)

    The larger PCI-E slots at the bottom can also be used as PCI-E 1x if that is what you mean.

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