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    New Mouse and keyboard

    ALright, well after about 3 years I think it is about time to retire the old (but good) wireless mouse and keyboard. I would like to be able to buy brick and morter is possible, unless I can find an AWSOME keyboard for less elseware. I have fairly large hands, so keep that in mind.

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    My biggest requirement for the mouse is that the center scroll "clicks" with my current microsoft mouse it doesn't, and makes it a huge pain to select weapons in games.

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    The best Razer mouse IMO is the Death Adder. I had one and it worked very well for gaming and general use. I ALWAYS end up back with my G5 though(old rust and metal color). Somehow it just fits my hand the best and the button placement is perfect. Excellent response from the button 1 and 2 clicks and has a side to side scroll(clicky). I don't even use the weights that came with it. It's about 2yrs old now and the only problem with it is that the DPI switch buttons are sticking. Didn't use those either so it's still good to go.
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    if you're considering the Logitech G5 i suggest crossing off the MX-518. the former is basically just a better version of the latter IMO.

    Given Apple's aluminum keyboard a spin before? i love it; by far my favorite keyboard of all time.

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    As much as I am beginning to get away from Microsoft's SW, their HW is still insanely good.

    I have the Microsoft sidewinder X6 (IIRC, either way it is the gaming mouse) and have ZERO complaints with it. I am looking at the sidewinder KB as well to replace my SaitekII.

    Personally, I will NEVER use another Razer product again after bad experiences with their support (should I say a LACK of support), the mouse and KB I have can sit in a box for eternity for all I care.
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    I recommend the mx518, great gaming mouse and fairly cheap, about 40 bucks at most places. Razor mouses might be a bit better for your big hand though. I would try testing it out. For the keyboard if you dont need that many shortcut keys than the saitek is a good match, otherwise go for the g11.
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    I'd say Razer DA, using it for 8 months. But it's crashing alot i think, i mean you would need to get the moey back/change it after an year. But it's very confortable. Well, personally i'm hoping that my mouse will crash and i can get the money back and buy Roccat Kone with a little bit more. Check it out if you got little more money! And about the keyboard i'v ordered a few days ago logitech G15. But i liked very much Eclipse 3, not 2. But one thing why i did taken G15 is that eclipse's buttons can't be reprogrammed. I mean those buttons from two sides. And you'r going to need a good mousepad. Take a look at Taito from Roccat.

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