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    Building Tower, GPU Issue, Onboard Over-Riding Extra GPU


    I am in the process of building my friends computer. I am having a problem concerning the On-Board Video and the ATi 4890.

    Here's the components i am dealing with.

    MSI 790GX-G65 AM3 AMD 790GX HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard
    HIS H489F1GP Radeon HD 4890 1GB 256-bit

    Ok. Here's what I've done. PSU Hooked up to all appropriate fittings (this GPU has 12 pin wholes for the PCIe Hook Ups). Windows has been installed one the rig, and is running. I am in the OS on my main computer, but the one i am building HAS the OS loaded, the Monitor i'm using is plugged into the GPU Video Socket and NOT the Mobo's integrated video socket. There is a picture on the monitor (resolution maxes out at 800x600 or something stupid like that). It is saying that the Display Adapter powering the monitor is definitly the onboard gpu, it's only 8MB.

    That all said, everything on the system is working. The fans are all powering on, the CPU-Z is IDing the processors speed correctly, the USB ports all work, the HD is registering, the Optical Drive works. I just don't know how to enable the video card to be activated. The image on my monitor IS coming from the GPU, just not getting all the info that my 4890 should be producing.

    I'm assuming i need to disable on-board video, and after looking through the manual i cannot for the life of me find the bit on disabling the on-board video. Could someone help me please?

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    The option is located under Advanced BIOS Features--> Primary Graphic's Adapter... it needs to be set to PCI-E as shown below.
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    How did you build a PC not knowing you could turn off integrated video in the bios?
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