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    Question Modular Power Supply Cable Replacements?

    I've searched the internet high and low. My Google-fu is ... lacking.

    I'm looking for, as the title says, modular power supply cable replacements. The connectors are reversable, meaning either end could plug into the PSU or device. After my fruitless searches I've only been able to locate a double-ended 6-pin PCI-E cable:

    I would like to find a shorter version of this if possible. In addition to two SATA rails and a standard 4-pin Molex (double header) or two.

    I can live with the two 6-Pin cables as that is all I really "need" as my box looks ridiculous with the two y-adapters plugged into double-header Molex leads hooked up to the HD4890 ( ). I lost the case with all of my original PSU cables and I'd also like to have unified cables rather than some black, some red, some silver...

    2 x 6-Pin PCI-e to 6-Pin PCI-E Power Connector (~6")
    2 x SATA to SATA Power Connector (~6")
    1 x 4-Pin Molex to 4-Pin Molex Connector with two leads on one end (~10-12")
    Heck, if it comes as a "package" -- the 40 Pin motherboard and 4-pin CPU leads would be pretty awesome. (~6" & ~10" respectively)

    6" SATA data cables at the same internet store, but again, not an immediate need.

    Any and all assistance or direction would be appreciated!

    PS. I contacted the PSU maker and I received the following response:
    We do not have any in stock and are currently waiting on some to come in. We do not have an ETA. I will save your email so when they come in they can be shipped to you.

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    Troll eBay for a broken modular PSU with cables included. Maybe quicker and cheaper?

    I don't know of any sources other than a DIY project.
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    You can make some. Performance PCs has all the connectors and wire. PCIE Connector, ATX Pins, the sata, molex, and wire is there too.

    to the forums btw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hitokiri_808 View Post
    You can make some. Performance PCs has all the connectors and wire. PCIE Connector, ATX Pins, the sata, molex, and wire is there too.

    to the forums btw.
    Haven't trolled the forums since 2004-05, but thank you all the same. Back when the AMD 1700+ clocked up to 2.7GHZ from 1.466GHz stock. Man, that chip was a beast.

    Performance PC is willing to make two PCI-E connectors for $10 a piece with $4 or 5 in shipping. Seems a bit... excessive? I don't want to know how much they'd charge for an entire power cable replacement package.
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    I have some send me a PM in interested.

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