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Thread: PDF Editing

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    PDF Editing

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for some software, free, that I can edit PDF files in. I currently use Foxit Reader, but as you know it will not let me edit files.

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    Link to a free online pdf editor. May not be ideal but it works.
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    Perhaps you could try some of the free listings per wikipedia.

    To save some time in the future, if looking for something free to do pretty much anything, the first thing I do is search "open source {insert what you want to do here}". In this case, I searched "open source pdf editor" and got that as a result. Feel free to have a look through the results if that doesn't suit you.

    If you find one you like, do let us know!

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    PDF Editing

    We have been trying to find a software that was easy to use when editing our PDF files. We have found it! InFix is extremely easy to use. It's as easy as editing a word document. It's free to download from C-NET

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