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    Pocket PCs... Not sure if that's the right section.

    Hi all,
    first i don't know if this is a right section, sorry if it's not and please move the thread. Thanks.

    Well, birthday's coming, so maybe someone will let me choose a present or ask me what i want and since it's 18th birthday it's something like more than usual birthday, you'r becoming a citizen, not just a kid. So the point is the present should maybe be a little more expensive than usual. Anyways, i wanted to choose some kind of pocket pc. I need it for surfing internet, that means all scripts and everything, i mean normal working internet... Like youtube, reading PDFs too... MAYBE even playing some... game.. Of course not like Neverwinter Nights 2 or Diablo. Haha. I mean some just easy game, logic or fun or sommething. Well it should be colourful i guess... Maybe it could be used for writing text messages or taking phone calls, but i think it's impossible with such a thing, so let's drop it. Well, just universal, nice pocket pc.
    I'm asking because i have no idea about pocket pcs at all. i got two very old pcs, one i don't know, but other is 1997 IBM release with pocket windows CE or something like that. Oh, and the last one battery's dead so you can't use it longer than a few minutes untill you need to stick it into electricity.

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    Well, truth be told they are pretty much dead. With the advent and subsequent popularity of smartphones they have really gone by the wayside. From what you are describing it sounds like an ipod touch would do the trick though. You could also take a look at the nokia internet tablets. That is all that really jumps out in my mind.

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    Well, the only thing I have ever seen in the Pocket PC's, are either the ultra popular smart phones, or these things:

    They have windows vista business, 120gb hdd, 1gb ram, etc so I think this will be a winner if anything.
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    Well, iPod Touch costs too much, a way too much, same like those computers. Oh, and i forgot one thing (this is maybe if possible) listening music. Well, anyways the point is... which mobile phones do you recommend then? Withaut iPhone.

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    Well no suggestions i guess. I'v been looking at some phones, but know nothing about them.

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