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    Help! Which card?!

    Hi guys,
    Ok...Building a new rig...e8400 processor,asus p5q-e,OCZ Blade Series 4GB,Tuniq Tower 120 Universal CPU Cooler 120mm...overclocking very soon.

    I am not a hardcore gamer,however i do alot of illustration/photoshop/digital photo editing & i mean alot!
    im a noob at this and i just didnt know where else to ask...

    but i am looking for a superb card,with dual/tri monitor capabilities & crisp detail overall... that would work perfect with my configuration.

    I am looking at ATI & Nvidia and i am boggled!
    can you guys help me out and recommend your choices and why you chose it?

    thank you guys in advance!
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    Well seeing as you haven't told us your screen size and what types of games you play and your budget. im just going to say ATi 4870 1GB. Great all round card and fairly cheap now the 4890 is out.
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