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    looks like chrome 3.0 is out of beta

    Google Tuesday launched Version 3 of its Chrome Web browser, which keeps the pressure on competing tools by boosting JavaScript performance by 25 percent versus the latest stable release.

    Improvements to tabs and video/audio handling round out the major new features in the release of Google Chrome, which can be downloaded here.

    The update comes about a year after Google Chrome made its debut. "This release comes hot on the heels of 51 developer, 21 beta and 15 stable updates, and 3,505 bug fixes in the past year," Google writes on its blog.

    Google Chrome has only grabbed a 3.5 percent share of the global market, but that does put it ahead of longer-standing Opera and Apple Safari already, according to StatCounter. Microsoft IE leads the pack with 58 percent and Mozilla Firefox has better than 31 percent.

    Of course the Google Chrome browser also set the stage for the Google making big news about its Chrome OS earlier this summer.

    The new Google Chrome features include more customizable tab pages (you can nix parts of the page and rearrange thumbnails of pages).

    Google has simplified use of its Omnibox, the all-in-one search bar and Web address bar, via icons that help distinguish pages and sites from one another.

    Also, support for HTML 5 video tags makes running embedded videos smoother, avoiding the need to use a plug-in.
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    Yep, just click the wrench, about chrome, and update. The only difference I see so far is the ability to use themes, but then I haven't played around with it for very long.

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