Hello !

OCF is starting a new ‘program’, if you will. The main page at Overclockers.com is reuniting with the forums and is gearing up to lean more heavily toward user-generated content.

We are going to always be on the lookout for posts that might interest the overclocking population as a whole and will correspond with those posters to gauge their interest in writing articles. If you want to write an article without making it a forum post first, that’s fine as well! Have a look at the Article Template here if you would like to check it out.

This is where the forum as a whole comes in. Anyone that sees a post you deem worthy of front page conversion, by all means PM your content editor and it will be taken into consideration.

There are also some people that have offered to help with (and can be relied upon for) fact checking. These folks are our Forum Experts and deserve recognition. For the sound section, these folks are :

Wicked Klown

This isn’t just limited to this forum either. This is happening all over! In case you see anything elsewhere, the content editors for all of the forums can be found here

Thanks for your help in making this not only a great forum but for helping improve our homepage!