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Thread: CPU Ducts

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    CPU Ducts

    Alot of y'all have cut an opening in the sides of your cases & added fans & ducting to blow cool outside air down onto your CPU. In my situation, I can't add a side opening & am thinking about making an opening in the front of my case & fabricating a duct that will connect to the H.S.

    Has anyone done something like this? What material did you use to make your ducts? Do you have any pics?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I've run a dryer duct from a front fan on my Antec SX830 to the CPU. I ran it from the fan in the hard drive cage and the cage held the duct in place. It was getting good airflow, but my temps didn't improve so I took it out. Dryer ducts are kinda too big (wide), though.

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    Hi nodoze,
    take a look here for a very fast & cheaper way to go

    I hope it helps you
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