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    MSI 790FX-GD70 Bios 1.6

    I was wondering what the verdict was for new bios releases. Do you guys usually always update your bios or wait to see if its a good release of not?

    Anybody running this bios having issues?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Porvalsh View Post
    I was wondering what the verdict was for new bios releases. Do you guys usually always update your bios or wait to see if its a good release of not?

    Anybody running this bios having issues?
    I updated to this bios a week ago and haven't run into any issues yet.
    actually, I dropped the Voltage in my CPU a couple notches since than and it's still stable (wasn't before).
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    I just ordered this board and it's going to be delivered tomorrow. According to my research Bios 1.6 is most definitely the one you want to update to. There are some newer Beta Bios for the board but 1.6 is the one everybody recommends.
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    Actullay I had a different experience with this bios, it made my previous overclock unstable and I actually had to lower the CPU-NB in order to make it stable. What was weird was when I switched back to my old 1.4 bios, it was the exact same problem. So I ended up just sticking with the 1.6. My definition of stable is at least 14 hours of prime, which it would crash around 4-6 hours now.

    Now I have lower overclocks..... =(
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    I update to new bios's as the come out/as I notice. I try it out for a bit, and either keep it or return to my proven one. Usually there are benefits to updating, but sometimes tried and true wins the race.
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    I would say that 1.6 is pretty good, actually for some odd reason I updated to 1.7 and any time I would restart the computer from within Win 7 it would hang forever (only show black screen with a white cursor) after the screen that says loading AMD AHCI BIOS but reverting back to 1.6 fixed it, tried multiple times to use 1.7 without avail, even updated all drivers and nothing. So as for now, stick with 1.6 until maybe 1.8 comes out.
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