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    W7 - ESET or Windows Security Suite - Which one?

    Hopefully my new Intel SSD arrives today and I can clean install W7 Pro tomorrow. The clean install means a number of decisions must be made. I have already preplanned and made most of them (including going to 64 bit) but one remains.

    Should I use ESET, my current XP Pro firewall wall of choice, or should I simply stay with the Microsoft provided Windows 7 Security Suite?

    I already own a multiple license ESET subscription so cost is not a factor. I would rather keep things simple by using the Microsoft provided security apps but will not hesitate to use ESET if it will provide consequentially better protection or less hassle during day to day use. I am already behind a hardware firewall resident in my Linksys router so the software protection is already sort of a belt and suspenders approach.

    I would appreciate opinions about this as I would rather make this decision based on facts rather than essentially flipping a mental coin.
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    Security Suite, it is free and is getting great reviews from alot of people and places, MS may have done something right!

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