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    How to reset verizon dsl/wireless router wep key.

    First of i have to tell toy i dont know much about networking. Never really needed it. I need to know how to reset or delete the wep key on a verizon dsl modem/slash wireless router. Im upgrading the wireless card in a laptop for a friend of mine and for some reason the desktop and the laptop are not jiving. Also before you ask i did get the wep key from the desktop but that still will not do the job. Simply i jut need to know how to reset the dsl so it is not encrypted so i can get the lappy up and going. Thanks in advance.
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    Does this router have a model number? I would suggest switching to WPA or WPA2 ASAP, as WEP can be broken with not much effort.
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    WPA can also be broken if you are going to use WPA switch from TKIP encryption to AES as this is much harder to crack.

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