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    SLI/Xfire v single card

    I am talking in general terms. Say you have a graphics card named super graphics 10 and on the card is graphics chip named super 10. Which in general terms would tend to give you the best performance. Two super graphics cards in SLI/Xfire or one single card with two super 10 graphics chips on the board. I am also assuming two the chips on the single card have the same specs as the chip on the SLI cards.

    I hope I am explaining my properly lol

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    Are you talking about a single GPU videocard and dual GPU videocard (meaning two GPUs on one board?). The difference between two single GPU cards (like HD 4870) or 1 dual GPU card (like HD4870x2) is negligable I thought.

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    About the same... 4870x2 vs 2 4870's..... if thats what you mean.
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    Often the dual-GPU cards are clocked lower to deal with the heat, not always though.
    Aside from that there isn't much difference, aside from the number of PCIe slots required. Plus of course you can run a gtx295 (two 275's on one card) in an AMD mobo that isn't SLI approved.
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