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    Question Laptop motherboard problem / Replacing capacitors

    Hi everyone,

    I encountered some problems with my HP nc8000 laptop:

    When I switch it on, the characters are cuorrupt: e.g. instead of 'Windows' there would be 'Wondows'. The corrupt characters appear in different places of the screen when pressing buttons (or in Bios) and random colour squares appear in random places when pressing keyboard's buttons.
    The screen looks very similar like written here: , or

    Since the vga is an onboard one, I'm almost sure that's a motherboard.

    I took my laptop apart to see the motherboard. I'm pretty sure this is happening because of bad (leaked) capacitors, as I already encountered the same problem on my desktop computer - replaced 6 capacitors and it works fine again!

    The thing is, that I can't see anything leaked there, because the capacitors are rather small.

    Which ones should I replace??

    Here is my motherboard:

    Need advice, thanks in advance.

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    Coming from a guy who works in quality at an electronics manufacturing company, at quick glance, I don't see anything wrong. Laptops won't have caps like normal motherboards do because of heat. Caps mostly burst because of heat, which you probably understand after replacing them. I'm unsure what your background is, but identifying circuitry defects that are not physically obvious is going to be very difficult, if even possible. I'd be glad to help, but without being able to see the board in person, it's going to be tough to find root cause.

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