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    Post VPN Connection w/ SOCKS Proxy

    I have a VPN connection configured on both Windows XP and Windows 7 (32 bit) computers. Both computers also have putty SSH's into a separate machine.

    Now, if I want to tunnel traffic on either computer through this SSH connection, I can configure an application like Firefox to use a SOCKS5 Proxy with and the correct port.

    Question: How may I have the VPN connection use the SSH tunnel as well to connect to the VPN server?

    I have looked in the settings, google, and tried the Cisco VPN client and I don't see the option for supporting a SOCKS proxy.

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    why not use IPsec inside L2TP?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperMiguel View Post
    why not use IPsec inside L2TP?
    Because the VPN service I must use is PPTP based.

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