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    walmart black friday emachines e627 touchpad help

    So i'm sure alot of people bought the Emachines for $200 on black friday from walmart like I did for my G/F. Problem is I cannot find out how to disable the touchpad. I have tried FN F7 and tried going into the mouse options but cannot figure it out.
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    Do the touchpad drivers allow for the disablement when an external usb device is attached? Try that and see if it works

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    There's also sometimes a BIOS option to do the same thiing Zerius mentioned too.
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    Is it listed in Device Manager? If so try disabling it from there.
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    On the emachines E627 laptop, there is a touchpad disable button to the left of the power button in the center of the machine. The picture label shows a hand pointing at a rectangle. Once disabled, you will see a tiny orange light turn on behind the button, and an onscreen image will also popup and then fade away after 1-2 seconds.

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    LoL Thanks Rezik4, I can't believe I didn't see that button.
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