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    Asus P5Q Turbo - Combining RAID Array with Non-Raid Drives

    On my new box, I'm considering placing two 1TB drives in RAID 0 configuration and using all my old drives (320 GB, 80 GB, etc...) in a non-raid configuration. Is this possible? Do I need two separate SATA controllers to perform this?

    My BIOS is presently set to IDE mode.
    Losing the information on the secondary drives is not an option.
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    Ya it's possible it's called "nonmember raid disk"
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    They should work fine. I've attached spare disks to my install while in RAID mode and they show up like you would expect. Worst case would be the partition table gets messed up, which you could recover from pretty easily.

    Unless, of course, you're planning to switch to RAID mode and keep your OS on one of the single drives. A guy just tried to do that and had to reinstall Windows to get it to work.
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