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    Last time I overclocked...

    Hey guys. I was not sure where to start this thread because I did not see a Overclocking section. Since overclocking starts with the CPU, I figured this was the best place to start it.

    The last time I overclocked a PC was 5 years ago with a P4 Socket 478. It was a 2.4ghz processor and I overclocked it to 3.2ghz. It was stable for the past 5 years and now I'm building another PC.

    Here's the parts I have:

    Core i5 Socket LGA 1156 2.66ghz
    Prolimatech Megahalems Rev. B with 2 120mm fans
    EVGA P55 FTW motherboard
    4GB G.Skill Dual-channel DDR3 1600
    EVGA GTX 275 video card
    Cosair 850HX psu

    Since 5 years have past and my new CPU is a quad-core, what has changed as far as overclocking steps go? I remember stepping up the FSB and the Vcore voltage 1 increment at a time in the BIOS. Is this the correct way?

    I'm wanting at least between 3 and 4ghz, stable, out of this CPU. Any and all help/info is appreciated.


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    Yeah man it's pretty straight forward. I'm running a similar setup to you, it was pretty easy to get to 4.0 Ghz - just inc fsb and small vcore increments when things get unstable.

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    Yup, not much has changed. You still get to do the ram ratio shuffle, and all the rest.
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