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    AM3 compatibility on the 940?

    I've got a Deneb 940 Processor (

    Im wondering if there is an AM3 motherboard (SLI) that will fit my processor, and will this motherboard use ddr2 or ddr3 memory? I'm confused

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    Read your post and no. There will be no am3 mobo 4 that cpu as listed "am2+" .. For sli Motherboards in am2+ just do a google search ....

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    All AM2 and AM2+ motherboards use only DDR2 RAM.
    All AM3 motherboards use only DDR3 RAM.

    The Phenom II 920 and 940BE CPUs only use DDR2 RAM so any board that will support DDR2 RAM is good, with the exception of some older AM2 (not plus) boards. If it supports DDR2 RAM and says AM2 "plus" then that's better ...

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