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    Overclocking AMD X2 II 240

    Hi there

    I'm very experienced in using computers (or at least I like to think so). Just built a brand new PC and have fitted an AMD II X2 240 processor which has 2 cores running at 2.8Ghz.

    It works very well, however after much research I have discovered it overclocks very well too. I'd like to overclock my processor but I've never overclocked before.

    The motherboard I run is a Biostar MCP6PB M2+ with a Pheonix BIOS.

    I've done some temperature monitoring and my CPU runs at about 30degrees centigrade at high load. AMD say the temperature limit is 74degrees centigrade so I shouldn't have a problem there.

    Apparently the perfect speed to overclock it to would be 3.2GHz so that's my target really.

    Could anybody give me some advice on how to overclock?

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    Well if I were you, I'd look at some of the great tutorials here to start OCing. Since you have an AM3 CPU I don't think the tutorial I used for my AM2+ will be relevant. But it's still a very good read. AM2/AM2+ tutorial: Or you can maybe even look into the PhenomII overclocking guide, since it should be very similar. Found here:

    After looking at your processor... it looks very similar to mine except the higher HT and lower TDP (65w vs. my 95w). And, if you look at my post, I got a very decent OC of 3.4ghz up from 2.7ghz with stock cooling, and starting at way higher load temps then you (2.7ghz with stock voltages full load at ~47C.) So I'd expect yours to be very similar.

    Well, I just looked up your motherboard... and it's not a bad board or anything, I just don't think it an overclocking capable board. It's very small (which means lotsa cramped airflow and heat) and only supports a 1000mhz HT link instead of the more common 2600mhz.

    Some questions first (because an OC may still be possible) have you updated the BIOS to the latest version, and what kind of settings are in the BIOS regarding CPU multipliers, FSB/Bus/System speed frequencies? And what kind of other things are in your setup like case fans (size and location), case type, PSU, ram, etc.
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    Thanks for your response.

    The BIOS is up to date and working fine. The multiplier on the CPU is currently x14 which is the highest the motherboard shows (is this a problem?). All of the current CPU settings are at their stock settings as I haven't currently done any modifications.

    I know that I can modify the FSB, HT voltage and many things like that.

    There are 2 fans currently in the system. One is a fan directly above the CPU (which is monitored by the BIOS) and the other is one attached to the case of the system (which always runs full power because it is not monitored by the BIOS - simply plugged into the PSU).

    The case is a medium sized one which would be perfected capable of fitting a bigger motherboard (but I don't have the money right now). The PSU is a 450W power supply which seems to cope fine considering I have a decent graphics card fitted (Gigabyte Radeon 4550 512MB). 2GB of 800mhz RAM is fitted to the system, with the possibility of being upgraded to 4GB at some time over the next few months.

    Might also benefit you to know that I'm running Windows 7 HP on the system with a 250GB hard drive.

    Anything else you'd like to add based on that info?

    Many thanks

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    Since you're running an AM2 board that first link is more pertinent than normal since you probably won't be able to adjust the cpuNB or it's voltage. Just follow the AM2 overclocking guide step-by-step and you should be fine. There's a lot of reading there but even if you skip over the more complex parts you'll still get a good feel for overclocking and OC terminology (don't skip the OC tests, though! ). Like you I spent many, many years building computers before I decided to jump into OC'ing and today's BIOS make this very easy.

    Any questions about the AM2 Guide just check back here and I'm sure we'll be able to help. Good luck ...
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    I have mine at 3.35 @ 1.4v had it at 3.5 the other day. it wasnt stable but I dont have the time to play with it. many have reached 3.8-9 with it. im sure you just need a better fan and heatsink. depending on what rams you have as well.

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    Thanks for those guides. The am2 one seems very comprehensive so I will give that a try. I'm away until the 2nd now so will try it then.

    Thanks and I'll report back how I get on!

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