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    Picking out fans for Megahalems

    Hi, I am going to purchase the megahalems cooler soon for my i7 920. I have almost no idea where to start with fans for it though, I do know that I want a push/pull setup. I am not too worried about noise, I want the CPU nice and cool. I recently bought a 2700rpm scythe ultra kaze case fan and its somewhat loud but moves a good amount of air. Any recommendations? Thanks

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    You can read my thread right here testing this and go from there if you want. I tested several fan models in single and push-pull setups on the Megahalems and the TRUE.

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    Sweet i'll take a look, thanks

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    I initially used a panaflo 100+cfm 35mm? fan on my cooler and it was way too loud since my case is mostly open, but dang was it cool
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