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    5870 Eyefinity Edition

    Anyone hear any news on it? Everything I've read says it should have been released by now. I know it's 2gb and has 6 monitor outputs... but still no news... Me wanty!
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    Well they are either holding it back , so they have something to show and in some way overshadow NV release , or they holding it back because of driver issues.They did a live demo with it but it could be either really . Just speculation on my part did not really hear anything about it for some time now.

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    I'd put my money on them holding it back for when Nvidia's new cards come out, cash in on the Eyefinity hype and steal some of nvidias sales.
    It's what i would do.

    I'd also have been keeping the very top bin of dies held back for the eyefinity cards, being able to release them with eyefinity and higher clocks would be huge.
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    I have a low budget, but I am using eyefinity right now. I had only spent a little over $300 to get it up and running. $160 for the 5770 and I bought two 21.5 inch lcd monitors from Staples for $75 each. I also had to buy the monoprice displayport/vga adapter, but that was only $22. I ended buying a third monitor from Staples so I could have three of the same monitors. I could sell my old 22 inch hp monitor for about $150 that would end up paying for two of the new ones. I can tell you triple monitor gaming is awesome. I hope I never have to game with a single monitor again.
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    Cleaned things up, keep it on topic. There won't be another free pass.
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