Okay so i got my RMA and its the newer revision board, P6t6 WS Revolution

i7 920 D0 1.38vcore @ 4.2ghz - i know the vcore seems high for a D0 but it does 4.0 @ 1.28
Kinston HyperX DDR3@ 1603 7-6-7-18
GTX 260 core 216 Tri-SLI 650/1400/1100
Cooled by HAF932 and Corsair H50 w/ (2) magma 64 cfm silent fans

Max temps running Prime95 8 threads small FFT (9 hours)
Core 1: 71c
Core 2: 70c
Core 3: 70c
Core 4: 72c

3dmark Vantage Score : P32208 H22078 X19015

I think i accomplished my initial goal and then some, set nvidia control panel to overide
and turned on v-sync 32xQ AA and 16x AF and cranked all textures up and played RE5
for 6 hours never dropping below 60fps and i love it. Unfortunately the board refuses to run my ram at the rated spec of 2000mhz 8-8-8-24 but i knew that might be an issue going in.
I can't use my old OC settings for the vid cards because without the breathing room they cause alot more heat than they did before. Otherwise im sure i could get a bit more out of vantage.

My 285's are on the workbench as one of them is in for RMA and one is on loan to my dad as his 8800gts took a pewp. Hoping to have them back in here by months end.