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    Signs of bad memory?

    So before I RMA my 2 sticks of gskill memory back I thought I would double check with you guys about the likelihood of this memory being bad.

    I've got 4 sticks total of the memory (DDR3-2000), and on my latest wipe and reinstall of windows I noticed I was only seeing 6gb of the 8 total. I decided to take all the sticks out and re-seat them. Now only two of the sticks work, and if i place the two sticks I suspect to be bad in (in ANY configuration) the system will not boot.

    So my delectable comrades, what is your take on the matter?

    Edit: I also should mention, that when I state "will not boot" I mean that it turns on but does not reach POST.

    Update: I can now start the system with all 4 sticks in, however it still only shows 4GB of memory, except in CPU-Z where it shows 6GB.

    Second Update: So regardless of what ram I have in there vista seems to like to randomly bsod on me. Although the computer runs perfectly stable in prime95. Guess I'll give memtest a go.
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