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    Need help with floppy disk problem

    I need someone that can extract the files in this exe here

    and then send me what appears on the disk through AIM or something if possible. Gmail invites for whoever does this? or can recommend a way for me to extract the files without floppy disk?

    Trying to flash the bios on some old thinkpads but dont have any floppy disk drives for those to do it.. Need to use CD. ALready have bootable DOS cd, just need the bios stuff. Thanks,

    EDIT: The exe wont even run if you have windows7.
    Anyone need meat?

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    Drat, Universal Extractor won't touch it because they're using some kind of propietary wrapper. DOSBox runs the .exe and gets past the license screens but then gives a floppy error. Tried with it mounted several different ways, even.

    Sorry, I tried, no luck
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    I have a virtual floppy disk driver, I'll see what I can do. Check back in a few hours.

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    For anyone who needs to do this in the future, here is how I did it.

    You will need:
    -VirtualBox (VMWare will probably work fine too)
    -Virtual Floppy Driver from
    -MS-DOS 6.22 (or similar) install disks or disk images.

    1. Create a Windows 3.1 virtual machine in VBox.
    2a. Hook the host floppy drive to the virtual machine, insert MSDOS installer disk #1


    2b. Hook the first floppy image directly to the virtual machine

    3. Boot virtual machine, follow instructions on screen. MS-DOS 6.22 partitioned, formatted, installed and rebooted in less than 10 seconds. You will have to swap disks.

    4. Reboot virtual machine, get to a command prompt.

    5. Open the VFD, start the driver. In Drive 0, click "Open" and then "Create". Make sure a drive letter is assigned.

    6. Hook this virtual floppy drive to the virtual machine.

    7. Copy the floppy extractor to the disk drive under Windows.

    8. In the VM, switch to the floppy (A:\ probably), copy the extractor to C:\.

    9. Del *.* a:\

    10. Run extractor from C:\.

    11. Turn off virtual machine

    12. From here you can either copy the files straight from the disk, or save the disk as a raw image in VFD.

    That's my good deed for the day.
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