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    GA-EP43-UD3L questions

    I plan to upgrade from my EP41 to this one, so if you have/had it, please share your experience with it, its + and -, and most of all how overclocking friendly is it? (what its max FSB?)
    MB: GIGABYTE GA-EP41-UD3L - CPU: E5300 VT @ 3.5GHZ 10.5x333 - RAM: KINGSTON 2 X 2GB @ 800MHZ DC mode - GPU: GIGABYTE HD5770 @ 950/1350 - HDD: WD SATAII 160GB 7200RPM - DISPLAY: LG W1954SE - PSU: GIGABYTE ODIN 370P TRUE 370W - WIN7 U 64Bit

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    Max FSB is 1600mhz so far from what I can do. It supports 4 memory slots, built well and has the same bios options as the EP45. I would get it.
    Windows 7 64bit
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