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    need a pc pro to help figure out my mic problem with my headset

    well here gos
    i built a pc about 1.5 years ago and it has been working fine except the mic in my headset will not work on the call of duty modern warfair,it stoped working on the old world at war to so i dont now what to check.

    here is the info on my system:gigabyte ud5,intel 920,soundblaster extrem gamer,radion 64 bit

    i have checked the drivers on the soundblaster and working,i have tryed pluging them in the back of the soundblaster but no go there either.
    i have tryed plugging them into the motherboard but no go there either.

    can anybody make me a list on what to look at and check i would like my mic to work on my games again but i have tryed everything i know.

    thanks for the help

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    This happened to me too, the mic works fine for everything else except mw2.

    I dunno, modern warfare 2 and even modern warfare 1, according to some internet forum posts, has had sound and mic issues. I was getting random game crashes and found out it was because I had unplugged my mic, after I plugged it back in for some reason the crashes stopped happening. This was before the last patch.

    I'm using onboard sound, SoundMax integrated audio. Sorry I don't have a solution, I fooled around with it a lot and could get the level indicator to show that the mic was picking up in the voice options, but the level only goes a fourth of the way up, and no one responds if I do a mic check. I have seen people say that for COD4 and MW2 you have to turn your mic volume and sensitivity all the way up.

    I find that for the PC almost nobody uses the ingame voice, most people in a party are using ventrilo or something else anyways. Guess you can't hold down a button and move as easily. Maybe if they had open mic like on consoles, but that would probably be annoying for a lot of players.
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