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    The Big Case Off...

    i cant decide between the corsair 800d or the silverstone tj07, i want you guys to vote, i dont want " its a matter of opinion" or anything like that, just whatever one of the 2 is your fav,go!

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    I think the Corsair 800d, but for that amount of money why don't you consider the CoolerMaster HAF 932 case? It's an amazing case

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    800d if you are water cooling

    Go Pats!

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    corsair because well its corsair!

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    i would consider the haf 932 but im a fan of brushed aluminium and the rest of you the tj07 can fit a 4x120mm & a 3x120mm radiator... try telling me thats not good watercooling

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    i dont like the 800d on the outside tooo boxy for my taste but on the inside i love the all black finish, as for the tj07 ive seen allot of nice wc rigs built with that and they have looked the best in my opinion...

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    Of those 2 I would choose the Corsair 800D (but I don't like the side window) - The TJ07, imo, has better side panels / vents but overall the 800D just gets it.

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    Corsair hands down... Anything with an included hot swap hard drive back plane is thinking.....

    Aside from the cost... I like it....

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    The Corsair 800D, no contest!
    If you don't like the side window then you can replace the side panel for $20
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    There's a reason why the Corsair 800D is really popular even with it's price tag. I think it's an amazing case, but why not consider a Lian Li as well? Lian Li makes some of the most respected cases in my opinion and have been making aluminum cases for a while now. Nothing's wrong with the 800D at all, but I'd personally take a Lian Li for the same price.

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