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    Can my case fit 2 140mm Rads

    Hey I currently have the Lian Li K-62 and it has 2 140mm fans at the top. I would like to replace them with 2 140mm rads and I'm wondering if it will fit. If not I will put 2 120mm because it has the mounting holes for it.
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    I am pretty sure Danger Den sells a 140.2 (that's a double length 140 rad btw) that would fit pretty well in there. Even if the holes don't line up perfectly, it's not too hard to drill some more.

    DD BlackIce GTS280 Stealth: Link Here - $75

    or if you can fit an extra thick rad...
    DD BlackIce GTX280 Xtreme: Link Here - $110

    Should turn out really awesome in that case. Good luck!
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