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    XFX 5850 Stuttering

    Okay, just got my brand new XFX 5850 in the mail today and slapped it in my system. First thing I noticed was that, even while in 2d graphics, the desktop stutters. It usually happens to my second monitor (not main) when I switch between programs. However, i tried using AMD Gpu Clock Tool to set the GPU to 776MHz and that fixes the problem until I restart the computer and the card starts running at the reduced settings again (I think its called Power Play or something like that). I also tried flashing the BIOS of the card to the ASUS BIOS but I still got a lot of stuttering.
    I've heard of reformatting the hard drive working for people but I really don't want to have to resort to that. If anybody has a fix, please tell! I really don't want to have to keep resetting the Clock Tool. Also, I'm planning on overclocking it anyway so if somebody has a solution for the ASUS BIOS stuttering then I'd love that too.

    Edit: Okay, tried disabling ATI Overdrive completely (with the XFX Bios) and there's no stuttering. Will have to test this out in ASUS bios tomorrow.
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