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    How difficult is it to switch to water-cooling?

    Hello All,

    First off, thanks for all the great info I've received from the many discussions.

    As I've mentioned in other threads, I'd like to setup an eyefinity rig with 3 24" monitors at 1900x1200 each.

    I plan on using water cooling for the CPU and eventually for the GPU as well. I've seen the following offering for a 5870 with a water block pre-installed:

    which is a tad bit expensive.. but removes the hassle of installing a waterblock.

    But I'm wondering if its all a bit of overkill for my purposes.. and whether or not I could go with air cooling and later, if desired, transform an air cooled 5870 to water cooling.

    Is it hard to remove air-cooling devices and install water blocks? Is there any particular model of 5870 that is better suited for this transformation?



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    removing the stock HSF and installing a waterblock is quite simple.. remove screws from HSF, clean off the core of any TIM, put on new tim, install water block and screw down..

    i dont think any card is "better" than the other for these purposes either.. but let some others weigh in too!
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