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    WC old tech

    I've been reading through and trying to find some info on how much heat I'm looking at dealing with with oc'd 4870 crossfire and what kind of loop i'm looking at dealing with to cool them properly. Right now i have to keep the fan speed up at 50% or better to keep them cool enough to run stable and it sounds like 2 hair dryers in the case. I also have a quad core 9450 oc'd to 3.2 at 1.25v. currently i have an asus silent square on that keeping it down to 65 in a 3 hour prime pull but it blocks all the airflow to the northbridge causing it to climb to almost 90 when gaming for extended periods. basically i don't really need to wc the cpu but i'm doing to so that i can put a fan on the nb and allow air from 250 side fan to get to it and the graphics cards to get rid of the hair dryers. asus rampage formula MB if anyone was wondering.

    what i was thinking for a cooling loop was to get a 120.2 for the cpu with the apagee xt waterblock and a mcp655 pump. the 4870's is where i'm in a gray area. (last water cool job was on a p4 so i'm a little out of the times on this stuff) would adding another 120.3 rad to the loop with the two mcw60-4870 work out allright and would one pump be enough to drive it. was also going to use a xpc passive 250 res to the setup. if two pumps are needed can they be drawn from that one res. (using all 1/2 line) all rads are being mounted to the right side of case away from any case heat and the passive res will also have some cool airflow past it.

    sorry so long winded but i would really appreciate some input and i'm open to idea's or suggestions. thanks in advance.

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    First,Welcome to Oc Forums.
    -Could u please Do a sig -- under the blue banner at top click user cp then signature.
    Or u can just link all ur spec here. (cpu-gpu-mobo-psu-case-HDD etc...)
    Dual Loop Might be the best options overhere.
    XSPC Res offert a dual loop in one res (bay res) 2mcp355 can be install and run 2loop.
    I would suggest for Cpu loop
    120.2 would be enough for a i5. (120.3 for better temps)
    Gpu Loop
    120.3 for both of card will be good. if money is not a problems go for a full GPU waterblock. but mc60 are good.
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    Thank you for the advice. Like i said the last time i wc'd anything was back 5 years ago. After finishing up my price for modding the case and all the parts for the wc system i was at 700 and that was without all the little things like hose clamps, cable ties, screws......and anything else that is needed during the case mod that could send the bill up to 800 in a hurry. basically i'm over budget and i'm not goen to cut corners just to do this. Putting it off till this fall when i'm goen to do some hardware upgrades and possibly a much better case (possibly home built).

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