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    @Admins. BerryBlab for OCF?

    Hey out there all you awesome Admin people you. I just wanted to post and make a friendly suggestion, or at least make you aware of Berryblab. I personally literally live on my blackberry and Berryblab here makes accessing vBulletin boards (of which I get on about 4 or so every day) a breeze on my device. As best I understand it, it's a simple plug-in for vBulletin boards and wanted to know if you guys would be at all interested in entertaining the idea of installing it. Just a thought ~_^.
    Thanks guys.

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    Cool app. Seeing as how it's not open source, I'm not interested. If there are open source alternatives, or similar plugins which are freely available, I would entertain the possibility.

    I don't like the principle behind encouraging our members to pay for better access to the site via blackberry. Especially if they are paying some 3rd party, and that money doesn't get reinvested into our site.

    Eventually, enough people with good principles can sway the software development community towards business models which are more user-centric.

    I have a blackberry, and this would be nice for me also.
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