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    Cool 5850/70 waterblock on 4890

    I was just curious if I could put a block meant for a 5850/70 on my reference ati 4890? From what I can see on the web the layouts are very similar with the exception of the one chip by the gpu which doesn't exist on the 4890. Can anyone help me out?


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    you would probably be safer using a block that is made to fit the 4890 instead of attempting to put one on that wasn't made to go there in the first place... i've seen people kill video cards attempting to do similar things

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    All it takes is one mosfet to be 1 mm right or left, a new cap to be in a new place, a new mem chip being .25mm thinner. The difference due to the power requirements on the older vs newer cards makes me say no way.
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    These are different. I dont think this can fit.
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