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    New Member: First built PC and first time overclocking

    Hi guys, my friend who just joined told me to sign up to this forum asap because it is a great community and you guys answer fast and with great knowledge!

    PC: (Win 7 Pro 64 Bit)
    Core i5 750 2.67 GHz Lynnfield
    4 Gigs OCZ FATA1TY Dual Channel DDR3
    ASUS P7H55 M-Pro Motherboard
    1 Gig GDDR3 GeForce 9800 GT
    1TB Hitachi 3Gbps SATA 32mb Cache
    Lightscribe DVD Burner

    That is my setup I've been running for about 4-5 weeks, this was my first computer I built for myself.

    So my friend and I have been experimenting for a couple hours with overclocking, we've watched videos and write ups and so far this is what I have: (I went out and purchased a gigantic Cooler Master CPU Heatsink/Fan combo).

    I'm running 3.33 Ghz at 70 Celsius and it appears to be stable right now.

    I'm using Prime95 as the load test and i'm noticing that every once in a while that the CPU speed drops to 1.5ghz, is this normal? I'm just wondering since it shoots back up to 3.33ghz after a few minutes, I just want to make sure everything is safe.

    I also overclocked the memory to 1332.4mhz (maxes out at 1333mhz)

    So I know this was a long first post, but I want to thank you for your time and wisdom!

    Ai Tweaker Settings:

    BLCK - 166
    Voltage - 1.35V
    DRAM - 1.50V
    DRAM Freq - 1328mhz


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    Speed will drop due to SpeedStep. If your computer goes idle (and it will at times during the test, just not often) itll drop the multiplier on the CPU. If you dont want this happening (and some people recommending turning it off during stress testing), Disable Speedstep/EIST/C1E in the BIOS. After testing, if you want the power savings from it, turn it back on.

    As far as the overclock, you may be able to get more out of it w/ 1.35v. Temps for that voltage are decent, you have about 15c headroom before you need to start worrying. Also, your DRam voltage, what is the stock voltage? You may need to bump it up as I know most OCZ ram is 1.65v stock (although, if you arent getting memory errors, you could leave it).

    Also, play w/ the VTT (QPI voltage it might be on your board listed as?) voltage. It can help w/ stability rather than feeding it tons of voltage.
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    doz is right on the EIST (Enhanced Intel Speedstep). Using this is helpful if you want to conserve energy, but for overclockers this option is mostly turned off as well as the C1E and C-states. Set all 3 to disabled.

    Also doz is right about your voltages. You should be able to hit 3.3 on stock/auto voltages. Which should be ~1.25V Vcore in your case. If your RAM is 1333, then you are technically not overclocking it. Depending on your RAM multiplier, you could probably push your RAM upwards of maybe 1440 or so. That would be 180Bclk @ 2:8 Ram Ratio.

    At 180X21 you would have a healthy overclock, and would probably need to raise your Vcore at that point to around 1.3-1.35V. Follows Miahallens Instructions and you will get a good overclock. Slow and steady wins the raise.
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    I believe I have speedstep disabled...that is something you would disable in the BIOS correct? It also disables the Turbo V if I remember correctly. I'm at 2 hours of load test ad it is still staying steady at 70-72C but is still also dropping like I said once in a while to 1.5ghz

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    Hey thanks for the really good first post! Its nice to see a proper first post rather than a "OMGZ MY COMPUTERZ SLOZ!!!"

    As for the 1.5ghz, it may be thermal throttling. Sometimes if chips become too hot, they will drop their speed and voltage to cool themselves down. 70-72 degrees is quite hot so if I were you I would get an aftermarket cooler. I am a little outdated on air (i only do water) but the Thermalright TRUE 120 is a very good cooler.

    EDIT: this site is one of the best for heatsink reviews
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    This was taken a few minutes ago, i'm running

    BCLK 166
    Voltage 1.25
    DRAM 1.60V
    DRAM 1328
    Idle at 40C

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    I am curios why you only show 3 threads. Open the other realtemp which shows 4 cores.

    Also your temps are certainly not out of line.

    If you are dropping to 1.5GHz during prime load, it is because your being thermally throttled. This should not be happening.

    Go to bios and disable C1E, C-states (might be numbered on your board) and EIST (speed step) and make sure Vdroop is enabled and then try again.
    My Computer Windows 7 Professional
    ASUS Z87-PRO LGA 1150 - i7 - 4790k Haswell
    Venomous X - SANYO DENKI - 9SG1212P1G01 - 260 CFM @ 6000 RPMs
    Corsair TX850 - Kingston Hyper X - DDR3 2400
    ZOTAC GTX 970(SLI)
    Coolermaster HAF 932

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    With the setup I posted right there, it never dropped to 1.5ghz, i think this may be the setup to keep unless some of my games need more power.

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    I can't seem to find the VTT or QPI Voltage as mentioned, I do see QPI Frequency(than again I dont know what that does but that doesn't help. Also where is "Vdroop" is there another name for it?

    As mentioned, I did disable the speedstep and c1e/c-states but with my new settings it is not doing a random drop to 1.5ghz.

    I really would like to go higher than I see some are attaing 4ghz but i'm only doing air cooling. 3.5ghz seems to be a safe and attainable goal.
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    Cooler Master Hyper N520 CPU Cooler

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    vdroop may also be called load line calibration, thats what its called in my bios.
    and good luck on your 4ghz goal ,ive got mine @4ghz hope to go higher

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