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    copying VHS tapes to HTPC

    I am currently converting my DVDs to MKV files and was wondering how to go about the VHS tapes. I have a capture card and tape player set up but what I dont know is what settings to use.

    I know that VHS tapes only have a maximum resolution of like 250 lines or something like that. What would be the optimum settings to record tapes at while trying to maximize/maintain quality and minimize disk space requirements.

    thanks in advance
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    Wish I could help. I was going to do the same thing only to find out that years of neglect left my VCR inoperable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wicked Klown View Post
    Take a look at this post as well as this post.
    This is what I was told, pretty good information there.

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    considering tv's made for vhs maxed at 480i..... a resolution that matches that should suffice.

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