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    [O/C]A Forum Wars Journal Part 3: Very Unsafe Scores

    A Forum Wars Journal Part 3: Very Unsafe Scores
    by KonaKona

    In case you missed the first two installments of A Forum Wars Journal:

    Now before I start today, I must increase the vocabulary of all 5 readers of this article by an entire word! The word, is 'welp'. Now current definitions aside, it is a word invented by me and one of my buddies that is used to express disappointment. For instance,

    "I was about to win that race but someone spun me out on the last lap."


    See? Simple word, go use it to you're heart's content; it's free! More importantly, it is the best single word to describe almost everything in this article. Unfortunately I would get in trouble if I just put "Welp." for an entire article, so I must elaborate just a slight bit. Let's start at February 21.

    This started out with me applying a liberal amount (9 blocks!?) of kneedable eraser (which I like to call kneedE) to my TPower i45. Now the first problem with this was that it took about 2 hours, but that wasn't as bad since I planned on spending the entire weekend benching. The other problem was that the layer of kneedE on the board was thick enough to prevent the northbridge heatsink from being put back on. At the time, I was on livechat and I could have sworn someone in chat said it would be OK if I ran without it. Bad idea...
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    Wow! It actually sounded like fun!

    It's a lot better than working on the car and finding out 75 miles from home you made a boo boo and it's raining, the boss calls your late, you get a ticket becuse the cop said you shouldn't have tried to refigurate the overdrive bearing in a transverse manner.

    It was all in the privacy of your own little nightmare!

    Keep up the hard work for the FWs!

    I had fun reading it, thanks for sharing!
    I want my old title back.
    Old beast is torn down.
    Will update later.

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    Good stuff KK....thanks for writing this up.....I LOVE THE PICTURE OF YOUR CPU WITH A GPU POT!!!

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    hehe, thanks guys.

    Maybe one of these days I'll use that GPU pot on a GPU?
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    What, are you nuts?
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