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    Well I figured that the HD 5870 with 2GB just has 6 mini display-ports... And not any other ports.

    My XFX card GPU can go up to 900 MHz, and the memory speed up to 1300. I have clocked them to 820 for the GPU, and 1200 for the memory speed.

    Reason if because of the well known "Gray lines of death" as some say, and when clocking down the cards the problem disappears. The problem is reducing with the newer drivers, but they are not gone. Some say it is hardware, but the problem is really (as windows 7 says itself) that the driver "has stopped working", but often in my case it restarts when I hit Ctrl+Alt+Del... Anyway, I have had no problems at all with my current clocks.

    I bet that in time I can have it full speed as the drivers keep rolling, but for now I believe clocking it a bit lower and running crossife will be the best thing... And I could clock it way much lower with them in croffire:P Perhaps something like GPU:760 Mem:1200.

    I will get the 5870, it is not that expensive and it will boost my gaming performance a whole lot. Also, it will take a long time until I need a new graphics system... not until windows 8 that should hit the market in about 3-3.5 years if windows follows their "4 year rule".


    @jason4207 - I will OC my cpu to about 3.7-3.9. I cannot get a 2GB card as I need DVI. I do not have room for 3 screens, and I really dont need it yet. I will keep to ATI for their better graphics, I believe the 3D of Nvidia will be a tiring for the head in the long run...

    Thanks for the warning, and as I said higher in this post I will go for the "more then enough" 5870+5870.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slimsanta View Post
    Well I'm not experiencing any lag, but the game comes in sort of a "slow motion" for 1 sec or something (with all on max). I suppose that another 5870 would be enough to take care of that tiny itty bitty slow thing. Question is just how long I need to wait for the two cards to be "outdated"... Thinking about when I cannot play games at max.

    And 1920x1080 is not requiring any less then 1920x1200, not that matters anyway with this card standards.
    Just Cause 2 did this to me as well at 1080p. Download D3D overrider and ENABLE TRIPLE BUFFERING along with vsync. That itty bitty slowdown will dissapear. You don't need another card so soon, down the road when crysis 2 hits.. maybe!!

    Trust me, I have an ATI 5870 and this works for me. just depends on the game. My card continually runs above 60 fps, so I have to use vsync and triple buffering. Problem is, in ATI control panel you can only enable triple buffering for OPENGL... which will come in handy if you ever fire up quake3 again but not much else..

    CatLeap 2703 27" 2560 x 1440 S-IPS Super Increbile Trippy Colors Monitor
    (w/ only 1 stuck px ;)
    4670k haswell @ 4.4ghz 1.2v, Corsair A70 HS
    G.Skill 16GB ddr3-1600
    Asus z87-a Mobo
    Asus GTX 680 + eVGA GTX 680
    Samsung EVO 250gb SSD
    WD 1TB x 2 RAID-0
    Antec 902 Gaming Case

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    Well GTA4 is also lagging, and I don't like that either... So just one last question, does it matter where I insert the power cables into my PSU, or is it limited so some outputs?

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