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    Using a wireless router as a wireless extension switch?

    First, here's my network layout in beautiful 'ascii art'.

    DSL 'modem' -> Astaro Firewall -> 8 Port Gigabit switch -> A + B + C

    A=Main PC, WHS
    B=2nd router that is currently set as nothing more then a switch and 802.11G access point, which feeds a XBox 360, Laptop, SageTV HD200, and some iPoos and other misc G devices.
    C=802.11N access point.

    Now, I have a spare router gathering dust that I'd like to put to use when needed downstairs without having to run an extra cable. Even though its only a one floor difference, both wireless networks get a heavy hit to thier speed and reliability when going any further then the room below the APs (can't even stream HD videos).

    The router has 802.11B&G, and what I would like to do, is use the Wireless G portion to connect to the current 802.11G AP in my network. Is this at all possible and what options do I need to look for in their setups in order to get this to work?
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    What you want is to use the spare router in client mode. It would connect to the wireless AP like any other wireless device and then use the LAN ports to share the network. You could also use it in as a repeater bridge if you wanted it to allow WLAN and LAN ports to be used.

    This can be done, but usually default firmware does not support it. If the router supports DD-WRT, that would make it a breeze to do.

    What model and version is the router you are trying to use?
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